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UDE2023, how does the semiconductor display industry draw a beautiful "smile curve"?

Affected by the repeated impact of the COVID-19 in the past year and the sluggish growth of the global market economy, many enterprises in the semiconductor display industry are facing varying degrees of pressure. The financial reports of major panel factories in 2022 show that many enterprises, including display giants, have poor overall performance in 2022. In the new year of 2023, with the slow recovery of the market economy, the gray haze surrounding many enterprises gradually faded, and the emergence of various new technologies and new products showed the colorful vitality of the industry, indicating that the industry and consumer electronics industry also began to glow with vitality and vitality in the new year, and stood at a new "crossroads" of the industry.

With new expectations for the development of the industry, in order to explore the new direction of the industry, UDE2023 arrived as scheduled. The exhibition will officially launch a new name: "UDE2023 Fourth International Semiconductor Display Expo", highlighting the core of the exhibition in the field of new display technology based on semiconductor technology, complying with the market trend, and displaying various new display products and new trends of future display applications that are mainstream in the current market. Under the guidance of the China Electronic Video Industry Association, and jointly sponsored by Shanghai Shunlian Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Youdiyi Technology Co., Ltd., this exhibition was held at Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center on July 17-19, 2023, aiming to create a new landmark that shows the industry's upstream, midstream and downstream heavyweight IP, and become the industry's "crossroads".
半导体显示 UDE2023
After more than one year of preparation, UDE2022 and UDE2023 will be jointly held, which will bring together innovative technologies, products and applications of the new display industry for two years. This year's UDE2023 will open a new theme "new journey, new wind direction, new track", focus on the two major sectors of cutting-edge display technology and forward-looking business applications, provide a professional display platform for new technologies and new products in the global display industry, lead the industry's development and innovation, start a new journey of industry development, and expand the new track of industry development.