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2019 International Exhibition Expo & Global Display Product Trading Festival

Display Everywhere

China has become the world's largest display product manufacturing base, cutting-edge technology research and development center and the first market for intelligent display products. In order to strengthen the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industrial chain, accelerate the application and promotion of new display technologies, create a cutting-edge technology experience environment for end users, and build the world's most professional display technology display platform, China Electronic Video Industry Association (CVIA), Yulian Group (SciLinks Group) co-hosted the International Display Expo and Global Display Products Trading Festival (UDE) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 11th to July 13th, 2019. The Expo will focus on smart home display, Six exhibition areas, such as intelligent vehicle display/application, smart commercial display, personal mobile display, next-generation display technology, and industrial cluster joint exhibition area, will be dedicated to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 65th anniversary of the video industry. To showcase the latest display technologies and products to professional visitors, commercial buyers and mass consumers from all over the world, and build a trading cooperation platform for buyers and sellers.

01. 1 Global Leadership Summit

The “Meet the Future of Life” Global Leaders Summit and the China Semiconductor Display Industry Investment Conference, bringing together economists, business leaders and investors in smart homes, smart travel, smart business and general entertainment, to explore the 5G+IoT era. The display of innovative applications in the food, clothing and housing industry is the ultimate manifestation of its intelligent advantages, guiding us to deep learning, and conducting temperature dialogues and exchanges for us to create a new lifestyle.

02. 2 core themes, poly / creation

Focus display
100+ leaders attend the "Show the Future" Summit
100+ domestic and foreign well-known media group live reports, live broadcast, on-site evaluation
100+ professional buyers from all over the world, industrial cooperation, business docking, business contacts
100+ exhibitors
30+ investment institutions

Create platform · win
China shows the industry's first professional display exhibition covering the upstream and downstream industry chain
Cross-border cooperation across the four major areas of home, travel, commercial, and pan-interior to create greater value
China's first trading festival with display products as the mainstay, promoting global industrial chain cooperation, creating online and offline linkage platforms for terminal products, promoting sales out

Investment incubation + trend discussion + business cooperation + network expansion win-win platform

03. 3 days of exciting events

Here are Talk Deep Conversation, Play Interactive Experience, Awards Product Selection, Launch New Product Release, Frontier Frontier Technology, Investment Investment Docking 3 Day Full Event, 8 Concurrent Events and Conferences.

UDE2019 Opening Ceremony and Top Ten Future Display Technology and Product Online Results Results Released
"Meeting the Future of Life" Leaders Summit and China Semiconductor Display Industry Investment Conference
2019 Semi-annual China Electronic Information Industry Economic Operation and Color TV Industry Research Conference
2019 China (International) Commercial Display Application Conference
2019 China (International) Intelligent Automotive Application Conference
2019 China (International) OLED Display Industry Development Summit Forum
2019 China (International) 8K Ultra HD Development Trend Seminar
2019 New Seminar on Intellectual Property Protection in Display Industry

04. 4 large display industrial clusters are also unveiled at the same time

Bohai Rim Industrial Cluster, Yangtze River Delta Industrial Cluster, Pearl River Delta Industrial Cluster, Central and Western Industrial Clusters collectively unveiled industrial cluster joint exhibition area

05. 5 core display technologies

LCD, OLED, QLED, Micro-LED, laser display, full coverage of the five core display technologies.

LCD: The veteran of the display field, after years of market tempering, is still the protagonist of the display field of this era.
OLED: The rising star in the display field, with the recent maturity of technology, has gradually become the focus of people's attention, the new darling of the market, and the tendency to overthrow the LCD throne.
QLED: Quantum dot light-emitting diodes, with its low price and outstanding display effect, this new display technology has also won the favor of the market and is expected to compete for the next generation of mainstream display technology.
Micro-LED: The display technology overlord of the next era, the market prospects are highly optimistic, and the superstars in the future display field.
Laser display: Laser display products will open up a variety of markets with a new generation of display technology, forming a scale industry, creating huge market and economic benefits.