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A breakthrough in the global COF supply chain! Innoluxs COF panel level announced success

A breakthrough in the global COF supply chain! Innoluxs COF panel level announced success

Panel driver IC key material film flip chip package substrate (COF) out of stock effect caused external attention.

On the 20th, Innolux's COF panel level was officially announced, successfully developing COF substrates, and the world's first self-made COF substrate using the capacity of existing panel factories. It has completed NB certification and has been mass-produced in May and will be introduced into the display. And laptop products.

Innolux pointed out that COF is a key component of the panel, with an annual output value of about tens of billions. It is not a must for driving IC factories, panel factories, and mobile phones. It can be said to be "very important small screws."

It is understood that the global investment in COF packaging capacity, mainly in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan and other five manufacturers, Innolux Optoelectronics Technology Chief Executive Vice President Ding Jinglong appointed, COF supply situation continues to prolong.

In the beginning of 2018, Innolux led the R&D and manufacturing team. After more than one year of hard work, the successful development of COF substrates can be called “panel-level COF” technology, which is a major breakthrough in the global COF supply chain.

Ding Jinglong explained that COF's lack of price last year, limited production, affecting brand customers' shipments and raising costs, the mobile phone will eat at least 30% of COF capacity. In the past two years, COF has been an important strategic material for the panel industry. He emphasized that, unlike traditional COF, Innolux develops its own COF technology based on panel process technology and equipment, and takes advantage of fine pitch and traditional wide-format limitations. It is successfully applied in NB and display. Screen.

Ding Jinglong also said that Innolux's homemade COF has obtained US/China patents and several patent applications. And stressed that the current COF capacity is only used in its own product line, and is committed to improving COF quality yield and mass production capacity.