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AUO Releases 17.3-inch UHD 4K Inkjet Printed OLED Display Technology

AUO Releases 17.3-inch UHD 4K Inkjet Printed OLED Display Technology

AUO is actively investing in forward-looking technology research and development, and constantly strengthens its competitive leadership. It will exhibit a number of new display technologies at Touch Taiwan 2019, including 17.3-inch OLED panels developed using inkjet printing technology, with UHD 4K high resolution and 120 Hz high refresh rate, leading-edge high-resolution image quality in its class size; 5.9-inch AMOLED panel that folds in and out, 12.1-inch full-color active Micro LED car panel, and the world's first optical The screen-based fingerprint recognition technology leads the development trend of the next generation display technology with innovative strength.
Inkjet printing OLED technology leads the display industry revolution
OLED panels have the advantages of high resolution, wide viewing angle, high contrast, and fast response, which can create excellent image quality. AUO breaks through material and equipment limitations and leads the industry in developing a 17.3-inch UHD 4K Ink Jet Printing (IJP) OLED panel with 255 PPI high pixel density for superior image quality and dynamic image performance; With a high refresh rate of 120 Hz and a wide color gamut, it offers rich depth, vivid colors and precise and smooth picture detail. AUO is leading the development of inkjet printing OLED panel technology with a more cost-effective process, creating an industry milestone and stabilizing the leading position in the display industry.

AUO 17.3-inch UHD 4K inkjet printing OLED display technology

Foldable AMOLED touch display technology
AUO has invested in flexible AMOLED display technology for many years and has accumulated a number of technical capabilities such as process, material and panel design. This time, the 5.6-inch folding AMOLED touch panel was exhibited, which was folded inward or outward, and can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs. Using a plastic substrate process and integrating an exclusive design of a flexible touch screen, it still delivers excellent image quality at a 4 mm folding radius and can be folded more than 200,000 times in a row, creating more possibilities for mobile device types. Sex.

AUO 5.6-inch folding AMOLED touch panel

Micro LED display technology outlines the new look of automotive applications
AUO is leading the industry in launching a new full-color active Micro LED display with 169 PPI resolution, and is optimistic about its potential in automotive applications, locking the automotive market as the primary entry point. This exhibition features a 12.1-inch Micro LED instrument panel and a 12.1-inch center console panel. It uses LTPS backplane drive technology, and each pixel can independently drive illumination for a more sophisticated and highly dynamic contrast quality. The display achieves an ultra-high pixel density of 169 PPI with LEDs of less than 30um, and enhances color conversion technology beyond the 100% wide color gamut of NTSC, providing high color saturation, high resolution and high brightness, making it easy to drive and read important driving at any time. data.
Another full-color Mini LED spliced ​​display uses active matrix circuit to drive Mini LEDs with a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits, and combines high contrast and wide color gamut with color saturation up to 110% NTSC. AUO uses a 5.5-inch Mini LED panel for splicing, which provides a seamlessly extending visual effect, providing customers with more design flexibility.

AUO Introduces Full Color Active Micro LED Display Technology into Automotive Panels

AIoT network interactive multi-display drive smart life
In response to the convergence trend of AI, IoT and 5G rapid development, the display will become an important medium for smart life in the future. AUO integrates the mobile device panels with three characteristics of interaction, touch and power saving. In this exhibition, the AioT area is planned to show more. Artificial intelligence network interactive interface technology.
AUO released the 6-inch full-screen optical embedded fingerprint scanning LTPS panel, the world's first fingerprint scanning technology that embeds optical sensors in the LCD panel. It is equipped with AHVA and has Full HD+ (1080x2160) and 403 PPI fine paintings. Quality, with a fast response time of 30 ms, showing extremely accurate and smooth fingerprint sensing performance. For identity recognition, such as police and customs inspection requirements, the 4.4-inch fingerprint recognition module is also equipped with high-resolution (1600x1500) and 503 PPI high-definition pixels to support multi-finger image capture for improved recognition accuracy and security. It can still accurately image in outdoor glare environment.

In addition, AUO also exhibited the 15.6-inch world's largest LTPS in-cell touch notebook panel, integrated touch and drive IC (TDDI) thin design, and LTPS panel high-resolution, ultra-narrow bezel The advantages of light and power saving provide users with convenient and efficient mobile product experience. In addition to the power-saving and thin-and-light features of the wearable device, it also emphasizes its application in Near Field Communication (NFC). This time, the 1.28-inch true circular NFC AMOLED panel module is exhibited, with a sensing distance of up to 4cm and compliance with financial law. It can be used for POS, vending machines and mobile payment, etc., to improve transaction security with sensory design in specific areas.

A full range of advanced anti-reflective displays to create an art gallery business opportunity
AUO publishes a series of advanced anti-reflective displays for galleries and professional applications, which can reduce the reflection and glare effects of ambient light sources, and still display excellent image quality in complex light source environments. This time, the 75-inch 8K, 32-inch 4K and 17-inch square 2K displays are equipped with ultra-high resolution, high contrast and color performance. The paintings are extremely realistic and detailed, and can be used in various art works.

The exhibition will host the 2019 Industry Summit Forum in the same period. On August 29, the Deputy General Manager of AU Optronics, Lin Yuyu, will deliver a keynote speech on the topic of “Dropping and Opportunities for Spray-Type Organic Light-Emitting Diode Processes”. 友达光电 Senior Associate Lin Yujie will also A presentation on the road to the battle of Micro LED displays.