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BOE (BOE) and innovative partners on the micro display

BOE (BOE) and innovative partners on the micro display

2019 Yunnan XR Customer Conference and Micro Display Industry Forum was held in Kunming, Yunnan. Industry experts from VR/AR industry organizations, industry chains and clients gathered to discuss the technology trends, development prospects, application development and 5G of the micro display industry. Development opportunities, etc. BOE (BOE) presented a number of Micro Display products and solutions for the VR/AR field during this forum.

At this forum, the 0.39-inch Micro-OLED products exhibited by BOE attracted many visitors to stop the experience.
The product uses a 0.39-inch Micro-OLED microdisplay with a world-leading ultra-fine pixel density of 5644 PPI, 17 times that of a retina screen (326 PPI), and a contrast ratio greater than 100,000:1, which enables superposition and interaction of virtual 3D images with real scenes. It has broad application prospects in education, training, games, home improvement and industrial applications.

The well-known AR optical company in China has preferred the products and solutions of BOE. Its CEO Cheng Dewen said that BOE products will help their AR equipment achieve a large field of view and bring a good experience to consumers.

Hui Niu Technology's AR products use the BOE 0.39-inch Micro-OLED solution with a single-head weight of less than 5g.

BOE adopts the world's leading Micro-OLED technology, using monocrystalline silicon as the active drive backplane, which can produce Micro with resolution over 2000PPI, response speed less than 0.5ms, contrast ratio over 100000:1, brightness over 800nit and thickness less than 1.3mm. - OLED products with high resolution, high contrast, high integration, low power consumption, small size and light weight.

BOE Micro-OLED products can be used not only in the VR/AR field, but also in the fields of digital cameras and cameras EVF (electronic viewfinder), night vision devices, telescopes, helmets and drones FPV (first-person main point of view). Application space.

BOE will also cooperate with industry chain partners to discuss integrated solutions of Micro-OLED and wireless transmission, smart sensors, face and pupil recognition, eye tracking and other technologies to provide users with micro-display solutions with rich performance, innovative shape and better experience. Program.