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BOE (BOE) BD Cell wins 2019 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award

BOE (BOE) BD Cell wins 2019 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award

On September 6th, the global consumer electronics industry event, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (2019 IFA), opened in Germany, and nearly 2,000 high-tech companies from around the world appeared on the scene to showcase the latest innovations and products in the consumer electronics field.

Among them, BOE (BOE) BD Cell display technology won the 2019 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award for Innovation Display Technology Gold Award.

The BD Cell technology, which was highly regarded at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) and SID Display Week 2019, is a new breakthrough for BOE in the display field.

By carrying the unique ADSDS hard-screen technology, the BOE BD Cell display can reach 178° in all directions.

Different from other display screens, BOE BD Cell adopts black and white and color double-layer Cell design, which can realize millimeter-scale micro-level control of light, and has a million-level ultra-high contrast.

At the same time, the technology also has unique advantages in grayscale performance, the grayscale can reach 12bit, the picture brightness level and color are more delicate, especially in the low grayscale image can reflect the perfect detail expression. Such technological innovations make the BD Cell image quality and OLED have the same visual experience, while also having advantages in terms of power consumption and cost.

At present, BOE BD Cell technology is gradually applied to many display fields such as notebook computers, monitors, and tablet computers in addition to high-end TV products, injecting new vitality into the development of the industry.

As a leading company in the global display industry, BOE has always insisted on innovation, not only launching many innovative technologies and products in the fields of TFT-LCD, flexible OLED, etc., but also applying it to the IoT segmentation of various scenes to continuously satisfy people's life. Expectation and yearning.