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Can reduce energy consumption by 22%! Samsung Display successfully commercializes new OLED panels

According to BusinessKorea, Samsung Display has successfully commercialized an OLED smartphone panel that can reduce energy consumption by up to 22%.

According to the report, Samsung Display has applied "adaptive refresh rate" technology to new OLED panels, which can reduce power consumption by changing the scan rate. It was first applied to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra recently launched by Samsung Electronics.

It is reported that when users switch from games to static images such as photos, this new technology will change the refresh rate from 120Hz to 10Hz, thereby reducing panel drive power by 60%. By achieving such a low refresh rate to reduce panel power consumption.

Current smart phone panels use a fixed scan rate, which will cause waste of power in environments that require low refresh rates. Samsung Display has achieved a low refresh rate of 10Hz in a smartphone for the first time by using "backplane" technology. In addition, Samsung has improved the power efficiency of the display by adopting low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology.