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Display industry in 2018 Those major events

Looking back on 2018, the domestic display industry continued to prosper and investment projects came one after another.

This year, Visionox's 6th generation AMOLED panel line, CLP Panda 8.6 generation TFT-LCD panel line, Huaxing Optoelectronic 11th generation TFT-LCD panel line, and Hui 6th generation AMOLED panel line, Rouyu 5.5 generation AMOLED panel Line and other production into production; at the same time, BOE Mianyang 6th generation AMOLED panel line, BOE Wuhan 10.5 generation TFT-LCD panel line, Zhangzhou Huike 8.6 generation TFT-LCD panel line, Xinli Renshou 5th generation TFT-LCD panel line, Huaxing Optoelectronics second The 11th generation TFT-LCD panel line, Huike Mianyang 8.6-generation TFT-LCD panel line, Visionox Hefei 6-generation AMOLED panel line, Jiangxi Yifengtai and so on are in full swing. So far, there are 40 production lines in China's mainland, and there are more than 18 projects under construction/planning.

Showing things in the industry in 2018

In terms of materials, a number of polarizer projects and mask projects were opened, and the domestic 8.5-generation substrate glass furnace was opened.

In this year, panel prices continued to fall, panel companies' profits plummeted, and the trend of price cuts will continue in the new year.

In the development of 2019, there will be more industrial adjustments, and localized materials companies will usher in more development opportunities. OLED materials, liquid crystal materials, substrate glass, polarizers, targets and other industries will have great Progress space.

Then, with regard to 2019, what progress will the display industry have? What do you think will be the following high probability events?

Domestic 8.5-generation substrate glass was introduced.
Domestic TFT LCD shipments exceeded 150 tons.
The price of LCD panels is falling, and the panel makers are getting more difficult.
The domestic OLED panel investment boom continues.
Domestic panel companies began to integrate.
New progress has been made in the development of QLED technology.
The Micro LED is close to the industrial prototype.
A truly comprehensive screen comes out.
Folding screen phones/tables are released one after another.
The 4K channel was launched in succession.
The touch screen industry has entered the consolidation phase.