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First exposure of Innolux folding mobile phones and tablet products

First exposure of Innolux folding mobile phones and tablet products

Folding mobile phones came out this year. Although the products are waiting for the market to test, they still bring new excitement and highlights to the market. Innovatively invested in the development of folding panels, and announced today (23) that it will exhibit related products at the "2019 Touch Taiwan" exhibition. The Group's folding mobile phone panel has been contacted by brand customers, and customers are highly appraised for the products. It is expected to increase in the second quarter of 2020.

Group created the first folding mobile phone technology, launched a 5.99-inch folding flat-panel mobile phone, with FHD LTPS panel narrow frame technology, with 2.5D glass cover edge arc angle special design, left, right, top border 0.3mm, the bottom border is also extremely As narrow as 2.0mm, the screen screen accounts for 98.6%, and the target challenges the global limit narrow border. Locking the demand for "one machine and two use" for business people, Innolux offers a customized two-fold mobile phone and a three-fold tablet. The two-fold mobile phone is expected to take the lead in mass production.

Innocent Technology Development Office Yang Qiulian pointed out that Innolux's customized folding panel has three major features. One machine uses two different screens. When folded, it can be used as a full-screen tablet. Two 5.9-inch screens are expanded to 7.8. Inch flat plate to meet the multiplex needs of e-sports and business people; folded many times, there will be no wrinkles at the central shaft; LCD glass cover, high hardness and wear resistance, the best process yield.

In addition, Innolux will also exhibit the "Underwater Touch in Display (UTID)" touch module. Yang Qiulian said that the Innolux UTID touch module is amazing for Japanese customers. Actively plan the timing of brand introduction.

Yang Qiulian points out three major features of UTID, including the world's first embedded capacitive technology, integrated with general touch and underwater touch functions, and can realize underwater touch function without additional hardware modules; The problem of thick group, light and easy to carry, simplify the manufacturing process, create a brand high CP value advantage; create non-conductor and underwater precision touch function, diving players can play like a fish in the underwater five-meter self-timer.

Yang Qiulian said that in combination with the Group's one-stop production model, in cell touch will quickly replace the traditional OGS touch manufacturing, and create a faster product development and manufacturing process, high yield, and significantly reduce material use and transportation consumption, and achieve products. It is both thin and beautiful, and has the great advantages of being environmentally friendly and low cost.