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Greatly overtaken by China, the Korean panel patent crisis

According to the Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Bureau (KISTA), although South Korea dominates the global memory semiconductor market, its patent competitiveness in the semiconductor field is still very weak.

Of particular note is the number of patents for OLED panels. According to the Korean media daily newspaper, the director of the South Korean Patent Office, Park Sung-soo, said that by analyzing the big data on global display technology patents, mainland China is ahead of South Korea in terms of the number of new OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) related patents. The market share of the panel may surpass South Korea after 5-10 years.

Parkhara lived that China has significantly surpassed South Korea in terms of the number of new OLED patents. Considering that the number of Korean patents has been overtaken by China for seven years, the LCD market share has also been taken away. The same expectation for OLEDs; Especially in the Mini LED market, which is regarded as a new technology, the number of patents in South Korea has lagged behind the United States and China. In the future, the South Korean market may face a crisis.

On the 8th, according to Ovidow data, South Korea’s patent applications in the field of Mini LED displays accounted for less than 15%. South Korea is concerned that Korean companies may lose their leading position in the future display market.

According to a report released by the Korean Intellectual Property Office on April 1, more than half of the global patent applications in the US and China are in the Mini LED field, while South Korea only accounts for 14.4%.

The report analyzes patent applications filed between April 2000 and April 2018. The United States submitted 525 applications, followed by the mainland, applying for 353 applications, and the total number of applications from China and the United States accounted for 51.9% of the global applications. South Korea submitted 243 applications, Taiwan applied for 140 copies, and Ireland applied for 91 applications.

In terms of the number of patent applications, South Korea lags far behind the United States and mainland China. And in terms of the number of countries submitting patent applications, South Korea lags far behind other countries. Each Korean patent has an average of only two markets. This means that except South Korea, South Korea has an average of only one country per patent. This makes South Korea ranked ninth among the top ten patent applicants.