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LED innovation and novel OLED materials

Under the globalization and rapid industrial changes, the upstream research and development of materials is the key to driving industrial transformation and breakthrough. Therefore, innovative technologies and novel materials are the basis for the development of new industrial applications in the future. We are also innovating technologies at NEPCON JAPAN. And the development trend of materials.

Shin Etsu promotes the transfer of key materials for Micro LED

Shin Etsu exhibited a variety of application materials, among which the STP series of materials used in the Micro LED transfer process can accurately pick up and place the Micro LEDs by using the different viscosities of the materials and the different accelerations. Save the substrate or the back plate to achieve the purpose of massive transfer.


RITDisplay exhibits PMOLED display solution

Yubao Technology from Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park is the first company in Taiwan to invest in the development of PMOLED. This time, the display shows a small PMOLED display with a size ranging from 0.42 to 3.2 inches. Monochrome and full color displays are displayed separately depending on the size.


MEKTEC all-round vehicle soft board solution

MEKTEC is a professional FPC manufacturer. FPC is widely used in automotive, wear, IT and other fields. FPC materials are also facing challenges in the future. For example, 5G applications, due to signal transmission factors must also be changed by Polyimide. For LCP grades or above, automotive FPCs must meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, bending resistance and high reliability.

JMACS introduces a non-contact air display system with a display floating in midair

JMACS introduces a non-contact display system that operates in mid-air using a special interface board. It can perform effective command operations without touching the panel screen. Because it is a non-contact method, it can prevent contact infectious diseases and leave no fingerprints. To reduce the security of password outflow, it is suitable for special occasions such as factories, hospitals, banks, etc. in the future.


SIKAOLI develops new ideas for scent movies

SIKAOLI exhibited a new concept of scent movie, which is to add scent elements to the scene of the viewing. The scene can smell the scene of the movie in real time and increase the feeling of presence.