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mini LED backlight technology

mini LED backlight technology
mini LED backlight technology
In recent years, Mini LED has received much industry attention as a new technology with broad market prospects. Major manufacturers have shown great enthusiasm for Mini LED, and have deployed to seize market opportunities.
At present, Mini LED has two major application directions, namely RGB Mini LED display and Mini LED backlight.
According to LEDinside data, the next generation of Mini LED backlight technology will be the development focus of various manufacturers. It is estimated that the output value of Mini LED backlight will reach US $ 340 million by 2023 (only Mini LED backlight output value, excluding other driver ICs and backplanes).
As the current latest liquid crystal (LCD) backlight technology, compared with traditional LED backlight, Mini LED backlight has more obvious advantages.

Mini LED uses backlight design and other technologies, and has the characteristics of light and thin, high image quality and low power consumption. The performance level is close to OLED, and it is superior to OLED in terms of brightness and color rendering.
In addition, the Mini LED backlight can be combined with fine Local Dimming technology, according to the bright and dark fields in the TV signal, real-time control of the corresponding backlight area switch and brightness adjustment, which can make the black area appear darker, showing high contrast The colors are more gorgeous.
Mini LED is based on the application of backlight, and is suitable for automotive panels, outdoor displays, large-size TVs, mobile phones, e-sports notebooks and other fields.