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OLED panel trend is optimistic, Japanese equipment factory investment research and development

Due to the expansion of smart phones and TVs, OLED panels continue to grow in 2017. They are regarded as the next-generation display technology, and become the panel supply chain manufacturers actively investing in technology. However, the related equipment factories have limited capacity and become OLED panels. The main bottleneck, so there are a number of equipment factories in Japan, decided to invest in the development of new high-performance OLED-related production equipment, compete for orders and drive the transformation of the factory.

At present, the main manufacturing technology of OLED panels is evaporation. The main equipment manufacturer is Canon Tokki, a subsidiary of Japan's optical manufacturer Canon. The current resolution is only 500ppi, while the Japanese display (JDI) has announced more than 1,000ppi. The liquid crystal panel technology competes for the current virtual reality helmet display market based on OLED panels.

Therefore, the Nikkei website reported that Japan's precision equipment factory V Technology decided to develop a new OLED evaporation equipment with a target of more than 1,000 ppi. It is hoped that it will be able to ship in 2020 and supply panel manufacturers in Korea and the mainland. Lee Panel Factory has rapidly expanded its OLED panel production line to reduce the price of OLED panels as soon as possible and accelerate the popularization of OLED panel technology.

The Japanese manufacturer of industrial stoves and equipment, Chugai Ro, according to Nikkei, decided to invest 170 million yen (about 1.58 million US dollars) to update equipment to produce resin coating equipment and heating for OLED panel mass production. The device is expected to reduce the production cost of the OLED panel.

The Chinese and foreign furnace industry joined the OLED panel related industry, which started in 2006, but the resin coating and heating device produced by the factory is mainly used for a small amount of experimental production. By the beginning of 2018, in the 12 years, a total of 25 sets of equipment orders were obtained, although the customer responded. Good, but the impact on the market and the factory is not great.

Now that the OLED panel market will expand rapidly, and the equipment factory has insufficient capacity, the Chinese and foreign furnace industries have decided to join the mass production equipment manufacturing market. With high-performance resin coating equipment, the operating cost is less than half of the heating equipment of other plants, and inspection equipment. Related technologies are marketed to panel manufacturers in various countries.

The business goal of the Chinese and foreign furnace industry, the order of the resin coating device for mass production of OLED panels will reach 5 billion to 7 billion yen in 2020, and drive other related equipment business, and use the same technology to develop automotive liquid crystal displays. Or a coating device business for semiconductor packaging, creating new markets for display panels and semiconductors.

With the expansion of the OLED panel market, the existing equipment factory is undercapacity, and OLED equipment is expected to join the competition.