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RealFiction launches MR display: holographic projection, 4K output

In late 2017, RealFiction released a demo video called DeepFrame, the world's largest "MR (ie introducing virtual scene information in the real world)" display, and then officially launched the device at CES2018.

MR display

DeepFrame has a 65-inch OLED screen that supports outputting MR images at 4K resolution. Of course, you can also add money to change the screen to 8K, so that the output image will be clearer.

When it displays content, it creates a holographic 3D projection directly in front of you, much like the plot in a science fiction movie, and allows the user to interact with the display content. For example, in the show video, DeepFrame directly displays a direct car in the room, the user can view the car 360 degrees with gestures, and support the use of the application to customize it.

MR display

In the live demonstration, Realfiction uses a SLR camera as the camera, and then through the automatic processing of the laptop, it can output MR images to another DeepFrame, so that people from different places can communicate face to face, just like holographic projection. Living in front of you and chatting with you is like a holographic chat in Star Wars.

This display is a very potential piece of hardware, it does not require glasses or helmets, you just need to stand there. In addition, the price may range from RMB 300,000 to RMB 400,000.