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Rouyu released the third generation of fully flexible screen

Rouyu released the third generation of fully flexible screen
Rouyu released the third generation of fully flexible screen
On March 25, 2020, Rouyu Technology, a global leader in the flexible electronics industry, held the "Rouyu Technology Conference 2020 and Signing Ceremony of Strategic Partners". The theme of this conference is "Flexible Vision Folding the Future", which is open to global media, partners and users in the form of online publishing.
On the morning of March 25, 2020, Rouyu Technology held the event of the 2020 Rouyu Technology Conference and Signing Ceremony of Strategic Partners with the theme of "Flexible Vision Folding the Future". At the meeting, Dr. Liu Zihong, chairman and CEO of Rouyu Technology, showed the newly upgraded Rouyu third-generation cicada full flexible screen, and announced on the spot the cooperation with ZTE. According to the cooperation content, Rouyu Technology will provide ZTE with the industry Leading flexible display technology solutions, and work together to promote the rapid popularization and application of fully flexible screens in the field of smart terminals and other fields in the 5G era.

The most eye-catching at this conference was Rouyu's third-generation cicada full flexible screen. This is another new flexible screen product brought to us after the MWC 2019. According to the official introduction, the main improvement points of Rouyu's third-generation Cicada full-flexible screen are reliability and display performance, and a number of core indicators have reached the industry's best level.

First of all, in terms of screen parameters, Rouyu ’s third-generation cicada-wing fully flexible screen can withstand more than 200,000 bends with a bend radius of at least 1mm, and the flatness of the whole machine is further improved to the best level in the industry. It is not difficult to see from the parameters that the third generation of Rouyu ’s third-generation full-flex screen is still relatively obvious. For the flexible screen, the most important thing is reliability, because the damage of the flexible screen caused by physical factors is a very common situation, and because of The cost is high, and if the user replaces it at his own expense, it is also a considerable expense.

On this basis, Rouyu conducts massive three-dimensional multi-dimensional testing of the third-generation cicada full flexible screen from the three dimensions of device materials, flexible panels and terminal devices, not only for nearly a hundred kinds of film materials and complete display modules Independently conducted more than 200,000 bending reliability experiments, and conducted extremely rigorous reliability tests on the hinge and folding machine respectively, and found the best solution to comprehensively improve the reliability of the flexible screen, which greatly improved the folding screen mobile phone And other fully flexible screen products.

After ensuring the reliability, the display performance is also a very important indicator. The third generation Rouyu full flexible screen uses a new generation of intelligent display driver chip and circuit design. Compared with the second-generation cicada-wing fully flexible screen, the brightness of the third-generation cicada-wing fully flexible screen is increased by 50%.

In addition, in other optical parameters, including contrast, color gamut, response speed, etc., have achieved industry-leading color display effect.

Compared with traditional OLED screens on the market, the third-generation cicada-wing fully flexible screen has a color deviation JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) reduced to 0.6 at a 30 ° viewing angle, and the brightness attenuation is superior to 1.5 times, both of which have reached the industry leading level. In any angle and form, you can have a stunning picture performance.
In terms of delivery, according to the introduction of Rouyu Technology, the second-generation Cicada full flexible screen has been mass-produced and shipped in 2018, and it has been used in solutions for more than 500 corporate customers worldwide. In the first quarter of the world's first foldable screen mobile phone, the Pai Pai. At present, the third-generation cicada full flexible screen has entered the stage of mass production.