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Rouyu Technology Releases Micro-LED Elastic Flexible Screen Technology

Recently, the world’s most influential professional event in the display field, "2021 Display Week", was held online. The event was hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) and came from the world’s top The cutting-edge display technology, products and scientific research results of the company have been unveiled.


At the meeting, Royole Technology released its self-developed micro-LED based stretchable display technology (micro-LED based stretchable display technology) for the first time and shocked the audience.

It is understood that stretchability does not refer to a pull-out scroll design, but the flexible screen itself has a certain flexibility and deformability. It can stretch and contract like a balloon or rubber band while displaying images, and supports bumps, twists, and rotations. And other large-scale deformations.

This means that the future display screen can be attached to any irregular or even changing surface of objects at any time and anywhere, truly realizing that "every surface is a screen".

For example, a stretchable elastic flexible screen can be used as a new type of fabric. In the future, videos and graphics can be played on our clothes to achieve intelligent interaction; a 360-degree dynamic display globe can also display history, humanities and other related information in addition to geographic information. Content makes information acquisition more vivid and rich; even smart phones "stick to the skin" become possible. Rouyu Technology once again demonstrated its leading innovation ability and technical strength to the world, leading the global display industry to achieve another milestone breakthrough.

Dr. Liu Zihong, founder, chairman and CEO of Royole Technology, said, “The release of Micro-LED elastic flexible screen technology is an important sign that the flexible electronics industry is experiencing exponential growth. Royole Technology continues to lead innovation in the field of flexible electronics technology. Stretching elastic flexible screen technology means that technological development has taken the next frontier, which will bring unprecedented innovative applications to the fields of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), wearable electronic devices, biomedicine, automotive industry design, etc. And form."

Some people in the display industry pointed out that the stretchable elastic flexible display or the final version of the flexible screen.

According to reports, Rouyu's stretchable elastic flexible screen technology, namely elastic micro-LED display technology. The flexible screen produced by this technology not only has the characteristics of light, thin, rollable, and bendable, but also can achieve elastic deformation such as stretching, twisting, and rotating, and the stretching range can reach 130%, which is a length of 10%. The centimeter screen can be stretched to 13 centimeters;

While stretching, through the use of small-sized LED chips, the current pixel density (PPI) can reach 120, which is equivalent to the display pixels of daily laptops and car screens. The surface of the screen can achieve concave-convex stretching, and the angle between the apex of the concave or convex and the plane can reach 40 degrees.

It is especially worth mentioning that the light transmittance of flexible micro-LED display technology is better than that of flexible OLED, which can reach 60-70%, which is equivalent to the light transmittance of car film. It is suitable for car windshields, sunroofs, helmets, and sunglasses. And other irregular surfaces, while perfectly fitting, it can also meet the needs of light transmission.

The stretchable elastic flexible screen can be combined with AR technology, which means that navigation information can be displayed on the windshield or sunglasses of the car in real time through the stretchable elastic flexible screen, without the driver looking for the route and street number, close to the purpose Local time can also integrate the digital information of the surrounding environment, and promptly push nearby environmental information that is convenient for parking.

In the global display field, flexible display technology is currently recognized as the most cutting-edge research direction. Prior to this, only Samsung and the Holst Center in the Netherlands had disclosed technical results. The flexible display technology announced by Samsung is based on OLED display technology, which is inherently restricted by OLED display technology and packaging requirements in terms of pixel density (PPI) and elastic stretch range; the flexible display technology of Holst Center in the Netherlands uses mini-LED, The technical route determines that the pixel particles are larger, and there are also some unresolved problems in display performance and device design.

In contrast, the stretchable elastic flexible screen technology independently developed by Rouyu has broken through the previous design and manufacturing problems in the elastic flexible display field in the industry. Its 130% elastic stretch and 120 pixel density (PPI) The excellent performance is the best in the current industry, and the perfect balance of stretch and pixel density also provides feasible solutions for a variety of scenarios.

Researcher Zhang Ting from the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that the stretchable elastic flexible screen is another milestone in the development of flexible electronic technology. Using micro-LED, there is no need to individually package each light-emitting point, the manufacturing process is simpler, and the balance between pixel density (PPI) and stretching range is well solved, and it has advanced innovation.

It is understood that compared to the large aperture ratio, panel design and cumbersome screen packaging technology of flexible OLED technology, Rouyu's flexible display technology uses micro-LED solutions, so it has a very small aperture ratio, red, green and blue LED The unique "island" can be designed to be very small, the number of luminous bodies that can be accommodated under the same area is more, and the pixel density (PPI) is higher.

In addition, the exquisite panel design also enables Rouyu's stretchable elastic flexible screen to have a richer line layout, ensuring more flexible scalability and elasticity.

Thanks to Rouyu's unique "intelligent mechanics simulation model", the layout of the elastic flexible screen and the selection of supporting process materials can also be accurately calculated and screened through the simulation model system. For example, if the stretchable elastic flexible screen is applied to smart wear, through the intelligent mechanics simulation model, the most suitable soft and skin-friendly material (such as silica gel or other polymer materials) can be screened out for screen packaging.


Royole's flexible display technology uses a micro-LED solution, and the extremely small aperture ratio enables more islands and higher pixel density in the same area.

Since the stretchable elastic flexible screen completely breaks the limitations of the physical surface and achieves a certain degree of deformation, the application scenarios of the display screen are greatly expanded once again. For example, in combination with elastic fabrics and elastic bionic materials, it can display images and videos on the surface while maintaining flexible deformation of clothing and bionic robots, which becomes an interactive interface.

In the future, in the fields of bionics, medical health, smart clothing, and smart transportation, the intelligent interactive applications brought by flexible display technology will be numerous.

Some experts pointed out that with the advent of the Internet of Everything era, flexible display has become the most important research field and development direction of human-computer interaction.

After launching the world's first 0.01mm color full-flexible screen, the world's first full-flexible screen mass production line, and the world's first consumer-grade folding screen mobile phone, Rouyu once again launched its exclusive micro-LED elastic flexible screen technology. It is enough to show that its technological accumulation and breakthroughs have been far in the forefront of the world, and the rapid development and application of flexible electronics will bring about a profound and extensive industrial transformation.