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Samsung 8.5 generation LCD panel production line has been discontinued, 16 billion resale landed in Zhejiang

Samsung 8.5 generation LCD panel production line has been discontinued, 16 billion resale landed in Zhejiang
Samsung 8.5 generation LCD panel production line has been discontinued, 16 billion resale landed in Zhejiang
Hefengtai signed the "G8.5 Ultra-thin Glass Substrate Deep Processing Project" contract with the Nanxun District Government of Huzhou, Zhejiang in September. Some Samsung Display 8.5 generation LCD production equipment will be transferred here. The Huzhou 8.5 generation production line will complete the construction of the factory next year, with mass production in 2021. The investment amount for the first phase is 16 billion yuan.

Hefengtai has bought old equipment from Samsung Display 7.5 generation line. It is understood that after the device was bought and sold in the middle, it eventually fell into Hefengtai. In March this year, a ceremony was held at the port of Qinzhou, Guangxi, with the participation of local government officials. The production line invests 10 billion yuan and uses some Samsung Display L7-1 production line equipment to produce LCD panels.

Relevant persons in the industry said that "When the 7.5 generation line was dismantled, Samsung ’s decision was very urgent. Most of them were treated with scrap iron and some equipment was sold." . "Samsung Products is in charge of the sale of equipment.

On the signing date of the Huzhou 8.5 generation glass substrate deep processing project, the Nanxun government and the Bank of China signed a strategic cooperation agreement on credit granting to the government and the bank. It was agreed that on this project, the Bank of China could provide bank loans of less than 30 billion yuan. The total investment amount including the first-phase investment is 29 billion yuan.

Industry sources who are relatively familiar with China ’s situation said that “the LCD market is in poor condition, and Chinese production line investment is continuing, mainly due to political reasons.” It is also stated that “the purpose is to increase employment by large-scale construction and increase regional GDP "" The less well-known local cities, the easier it is to borrow money from banks. "

Hefengtai was established in 2008 with LCD modules as its main business. In 2017, Taijia Optoelectronics was acquired, and the business area was expanded to the LCD Cell production line business. Generally, the panel until the liquid crystal project is injected between the color filter upper plate (CF) and the thin film transistor (TFT) lower plate is called a cell. Thereafter, a polarizer is attached, and the connection between the driver IC chip and the panel is called a mold Group works.

As Chinese manufacturers buy second-hand equipment used by South Korean display manufacturers to rebuild their production lines, South Korean equipment manufacturers have brought new supply opportunities. South Korean equipment manufacturer Top Engineering announced in October a supply contract with Sinovel Optoelectronics (CTO) of 5.3 billion won. This is the first transaction with Sinovel. Sinovel bought 5th generation production line equipment from LG Display and is constructing a production line in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, with mass production planned for May next year.