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Successful application of China's first flexible OLED robot

As smart electronic devices such as smart phones and curved TVs are trending toward thinner and lighter OLED displays, display manufacturers around the world have stepped up their R & D efforts and stepped up the industrialization process of "next-generation screen technology." A few days ago, China's first set of flexible OLED robots independently developed by Xinsong Robot was successfully applied in a well-known domestic company. This is the first time that domestic robots have broken through foreign technical barriers and entered high-end flexible screen production lines to realize the localization of flexible OLED key components.

flexible OLED

Compared with LCD displays, OLED displays are thinner and lighter, with high brightness, low power consumption, fast response, high definition, and good flexibility. However, due to the thin and flexible organic plastic layer of the OLED screen, its production process The technical requirements for clean robots are also more stringent. Previously, all domestic flexible OLED production lines used foreign production equipment, which seriously restricted China's localization of production processes in this field.

The flexible OLED robot, SCARA manipulator independently developed by Xinsong Robot, breaks through many difficulties with high-performance control systems, mechanical body design, and precise repeat positioning.

The R & D personnel introduced that through sensor scanning and software algorithms, this robot has a brand-new domestic "brain", which can perform functions such as automatic alignment correction, dual pick-up and dual-amplification, and data reporting. It can identify the complex and diverse positions of the analysis device. It can adjust the robot motion and compensate the rotation angle in real time, so that the robot achieves "hand-eye" coordination, flexible and accurate movements, and guarantees various complex operations on the production line.