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Taiwan TU Materials Department develops new technology (spray synthesis method), display color effect is improved

The new technology developed by the Taiwan team has increased the color effect of the display. Lin Yiwu, a professor of materials at Tsinghua University in Taiwan, developed a new global technology called "Spray Synthesis to Produce Perfectly Colored and Colorful Perovskite Quantum Dots". Using simple and low-cost spray synthesis technology, it has developed a quantum yield that is close to 100%. High color purity and high stability of perovskite quantum dots. The technology's emission wavelength and bandwidth are in line with the next generation Rec.2020 ultra-wide color gamut specification, applicable to each display technology, and can also solve the problems faced by Micro LED.

Lin Yiwu, a professor of materials at Tsinghua University in Taiwan, said that the research results were reported last year by the internationally renowned journal Advanced Materials. The technology has obtained Taiwan patents and attracted international research teams such as Seoul National University and the University of Tennessee.

Lin Yiwu said that there are many studies on the perovskite quantum in the world because of its excellent photophysical properties, such as high color purity. However, most of the research has been carried out by titration and heat injection, and his team changed the spray synthesis method to precipitate the perovskite precursor in the anti-solvent to produce nanoscale perovskite crystals, which were separated by centrifugation. The perovskite quantum dots with relatively uniform particle size are extracted.

Lin Yiwu said that the spray synthesis method did not affect the effect and the cost was low. The photoluminescence quantum yield of the perovskite quantum dots of this process can be close to 100% in both solution and solid film. In addition, through the adjustment of the composition of perovskite, a series of light emission, in order of dark blue, blue green, green, red, infrared, is applied, which is suitable for the color conversion layer material of Micro LED to achieve full color uniformity. Perfect display technology.

Xu Shuohong, director of the engineering department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that Micro LED is the development trend of display technology. The perovskite quantum dots in this study have ultra-high color purity and high quantum yield under RGB three color lights, if with Micro The combination of LEDs allows for full color gamut, high purity and high stability displays, and the opportunity to solve the problems faced by Micro LEDs.

Xu Shuohong said that the display industry is currently facing difficulties. In the future, it will develop into Micro LED. If it relies on forward-looking technology blessing, it still has the opportunity to shine on the international stage.