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TCL Group changed its name to TCL Technology

TCL Group changed its name to TCL Technology,Semiconductor display and materials leader upgrade
TCL Group changed its name to TCL Technology
On January 13, TCL Group issued an announcement stating that it intends to change the company name "TCL Group Co., Ltd." to "TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd." and at the same time change the corresponding securities abbreviation to "TCL Technology" and the English abbreviation "TCL TECH" . ". The announcement said that the rename was due to the completion of asset reorganization in early 2019. "TCL Technology" is more in line with the company's business composition and operating status, and it can also clearly and accurately express the vision of "the company is committed to becoming the world's leading intelligent technology industry group." And strategic positioning. reports that although the name change of TCL Group is in line with the consensus expectations of the capital market and the media, when the name is changed, the year after the major asset reorganization is clicked is not only a summary of the past, but also an opening ceremony for positioning the technology strategy.

Continuous focus on high-tech display development
Established scale and efficiency advantages

TCL's investment in the field of semiconductor display technology can actually be traced back to 10 years ago. In order to comply with the general direction of China's economic transformation and upgrading, TCL decided to invest 24.5 billion yuan to independently build TCL Huaxing; in 2011, the first 8.5 generation of the TCL Huaxing project The TFT-LCD display device production line was officially put into production in the Guangming New District of Shenzhen. Subsequently, a second 8.5 generation line was built in 2013. Since 2014, TCL Huaxing has successively built 6-generation LTPS panel production lines and flexible AMOLED displays in Wuhan ’s “Optical Valley”. Panel production line, Huizhou Huaxing high-generation module project in Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone, 11-generation new display device production line, ultra-high-definition new display device production line in Shenzhen Guangming. In September 2019, the TCL Huaxing India module project officially started, marking the beginning of TCL Huaxing's international layout. In the past 10 years, TCL Huaxing has invested a total of more than 180 billion yuan, forming a large, medium and small full-size panel production line layout, becoming the third largest TV LCD panel manufacturer in terms of global shipments.

At present, TCL Huaxing has the world's third-largest panel shipments, LTPS mobile phone panel shipments are second, and AMOLED products have been mass-produced and shipped. Since the start of production, TCL Huaxing has maintained the industry's leading operating efficiency and profitability. In the third quarter of last year, when the industry suffered a large size loss, Huaxing still had a single quarter net profit of 280 million yuan, and its management efficiency also made the industry insiders pay attention. praise.
Seize the opportunity of industrial transfer
Focus on the main business at the right time

In the past ten years, global panel production capacity has gradually shifted to the Chinese mainland market. According to IHS data, China ’s TFT-LCD production capacity surpassed South Korea for the first time in 2017 to become the world ’s highest, and subsequent new LCD production capacity is mainly concentrated in the Chinese mainland market.

At present, Chinese panel factories mainly based on TCL Huaxing already have absolute scale and efficiency advantages in the field of liquid crystal display. In the main material areas of the upstream, they have initially provided a certain competitive localized supporting supply, and they have developed with the strong downstream Chinese brand terminals. Manufacturers have formed a relatively stable strategic cooperative relationship, and domestic panel companies have gradually highlighted their advantages in international competition. Recently, Japanese, South Korean manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG, etc. have successively withdrawn or reduced the production of LCD panels. TCL Group will be the main beneficiary. Before the large-scale transfer of the industry, TCL Huaxing began to increase the industrial layout, continued to invest in the production capacity of the 11th generation line, and strengthened the cost competitiveness of large sizes, forming 32 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and 86 inches. And other superior products, occupying Samsung, Sony, and major domestic TV manufacturers' supply of high-end product systems.

From the divestiture of terminals and supporting services at the beginning of the year to the end of last year, TCL Group's share price has increased by 87%, which can be understood as the capital market's recognition of restructuring matters and the pure semiconductor display of investment targets and logical identification; it can also be understood as the TCL Group A more appropriate time was chosen to promote strategic focus, and when the industry transfer trend has been set, the technology-oriented enterprises of display technology are positioned to face the world.
R & D investment guarantees sustainable development
Create a leading global technology company

After the reorganization is completed, TCL Group will be positioned as the world's leading technology company.

This year's CES shows that TCL Group is very different from the past, and has come up with a number of global leading products: China's first 8K QLED TV using TCL Huaxing Mini LED technology, TCL Huaxing and Guangdong Juhua jointly developed the world's first This is a 31-inch inkjet printing rollable flexible prototype, the first 7.2-inch 5G folding screen mobile phone of TCL Communication with TCL Huaxing AMOLED flexible screen.

This may be the beginning of TCL Huaxing's product, technology and ecological leadership for the next 10 years. The proportion of TCL Huaxing's R & D investment continues to increase. TCL Research has four domestic research centers in Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hong Kong, and Wuhan, as well as two foreign research centers in Europe and the United States. TCL's OLED materials have begun mass production, and QLED materials development is leading the world. , Guangdong Juhua, which is engaged in printing and printing research and development, is the only national innovation center. "TCLTECH." Is worthy of its name.

With the rapid development of 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence + cloud and other technologies, the display industry, which plays the role of information transmission and interactive interface, has become increasingly important. TCL Group's focus on the development of this technology and capital-intensive industry will contribute an important force to the development of China's display industry. The renamed "TCL Technology" this time can not only enhance investors' understanding of their main business, reduce the market's cognitive bias in the company's business, but also accurately reflect the business connotation and strategic positioning of the TCL Group, and promote the inclusion of semiconductor displays The globalization of core high-tech industries, including businesses, enhances international competitiveness.