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TCL Huaxing releases the world's first MLED star screen

TCL Huaxing releases the world's first MLED star screen

MLED star screen as a new breakthrough and unlimited pursuit of TCL Huaxing in display technology

"1000nits HDR brightness, 5184 zone partition backlight, unparalleled highlights of pure black image quality, contrast ratio of up to 1 million, life expectancy of 100,000 hours, energy consumption is 60% lower than OLED"

MLED star screen five highlights

1, HDR high brightness
TCL Huaxing MLED Star Screen is dedicated to improving display quality in all directions. Its HDR is as high as 1000 nits, and it can also be excellently imaged in backlight conditions. It has a clear and bright performance, as well as higher brightness, and the display is superb, which can restore more real beauty.

2, high contrast
The contrast of traditional LCD is generally about 1000:1, while the contrast of TCL Huaxing MLED star screen is up to 1 million:1, with more perfect details.

3, super color expression
Xingyi screen NTSC is up to 100%, which is 38%+ more enjoyable than ordinary products, and 100% restores the real scene, without missing any color. The picture quality experience is comparable to OLED, which can bring a new and stunning visual experience to the viewer.

4, no residual image
The OLED display will show “image persistence” or “burning screen”. When a new image appears on the screen, some residual images of the previous image will still appear. TCL Huaxing 曜 screen has a solution to solve the residual image phenomenon, and the dynamic picture is smoother and clearer.

5, energy saving and environmental protection
TCL Huaxing's first glass substrate integrated LED solution has green environmental protection and supports sustainable development. LED high luminous efficiency and MLED 5184 dynamic dimming, energy saving and more efficient. Comparing an On PCB Mini LED product, it saves 182 500ml plastic bottles. In addition, Xingyi screen energy consumption is reduced by 60% compared with ordinary products, and 75-hour product is opened for 12 hours a day. The power consumption of Xingyi screen will be reduced by 1515 degrees per year compared with ordinary products, equivalent to one year for a family of three. Electricity, environmental benefits are equivalent to planting 40 square meters of forest.

The emergence of MLED star screen means that Mini-LED has officially become an important product technology route for the next stage of TCL Huaxing.