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TCL Huaxing Super Full Screen Realizes the World's Narrowest LCD Lower Bezel

Since the launch of full-screen mobile phones, in order to provide users with a better visual experience, larger mobile phone screens have become a constant pursuit of mobile phone manufacturers, followed by an extreme increase in the screen-to-body ratio of mobile phones.

In recent years, panel technology and craftsmanship have continued to evolve. Mobile phone panel frames have undergone a number of technological changes. The left, right, and top three borders of the screen have gradually reached the ultimate specifications. The bottom border is still the biggest factor affecting the screen ratio. Further technological breakthroughs are urgently needed.

In response to the challenges faced by the lower frame in the panel industry, TCL Huaxing established a special technical team, which took 2 years to overcome several technical problems, applied for Huaxing’s independent patents, and broke through the innovations in IC design, panel design, and process technology. The conventional layout of the functions on the lower frame panel is unique in the original COG architecture. The lower frame of the LCD module is compressed to the world's smallest 2.4mm (display area to the FPC bending apex), and the world's narrowest LCD lower frame model has been successfully developed. Group products, the overall lower frame of the module is reduced by 20% compared with the existing mass production specifications.

It effectively reduces the screen frame, increases the screen-to-body ratio of the full screen, creates a seamless effect, and truly brings users a super full-screen visual experience.
New IC

For LCD display technology characteristics
Exploit the potential computing power inside IC
Break the conventional layout of IC on the panel
The number of IC signal input channels is reduced by 3/4

New design

Huaxing's unique high-precision process equipment
Comprehensively improve panel design and manufacturing capabilities
Signal routing that matches the needs of new ICs
Unique panel shape design

New Technology

Customized dedicated module equipment
Comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware
Strict process control
Product quality excellence

TCL Huaxing adheres to the concept of ‘mass production, research and development, and pre-research’, leading the continuous breakthrough of display technology. The ultra-narrow lower frame has become the benchmark representative of the current LCD narrow frame mobile phone display. With the mass production of LCD super full screens, TCL Huaxing will allow more users to enjoy a true full screen in the 5G era.

The next generation of more amazing full-screen technology has been developed and pre-researched, and will be introduced to the market in the near future, which will bring a new experience to users, so stay tuned!