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The first domestic large-tonnage G8.5+ liquid crystal substrate glass production line

The first domestic G8.5+ large-tonnage liquid crystal substrate glass production line was successfully mass-produced in the Hefei base of Rainbow Co., Ltd., and the production speed reached the best level of international counterparts, creating another new record for the construction of Rainbow Co.’s G8.5+ production line. This will greatly improve the production capacity and cost competitiveness of Rainbow's high-generation substrate glass.
>> On March 30, 2022, the first domestic large-tonnage G8.5+ substrate glass production line was ignited and put into operation at the Hefei base of Rainbow Co., Ltd.
>> On May 1, 2022, Liangpin went offline.
>> On May 13, 2022, the comprehensive efficiency of the production line will reach the feasibility study standard, and the production will be quickly achieved.
With more than ten years of industrial accumulation and continuous technological research, in 2020, Rainbow has successfully mastered the mass production technology of G8.5+ substrate glass. The two production lines in the first phase of the project exceeded the design capacity, and the products were supplied to major domestic panel factories for batch use. Full production and full sales, operating profit. In 2021, the Rainbow National Engineering Laboratory will be included in the new sequence management of the National Science and Technology Innovation Base as the "National Engineering Research Center for Flat Panel Display Glass Technology", and it is the only selected unit in the field of electronic glass in my country. Relying on the platform of "National Engineering Research Center", when the high-generation G8.5+ substrate glass production line is scaled up, the company comprehensively summarizes the design, construction, and production experience, and further optimizes the design in the direction of capacity improvement, life extension, and continuous stability. The production line has been systematically improved.
The successful mass production of the first large-tonnage G8.5+ substrate glass production line has once again verified Rainbow's technical strength and design improvement capabilities. It is after the company's first G8.5+ substrate glass production line broke the industry's "stuck neck" situation abroad. another major breakthrough. Its large tonnage and high-efficiency production will be a key step for Rainbow to continue to catch up and surpass, and to become internationally competitive. This lays a solid foundation for Caihong to further expand the production scale, seek stability and strength, and fully realize the localization and replacement of high-generation substrate glass.