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The world's largest and highest resolution silicon-based OLED display was born in Hefei

On July 9th, Vision Technology, located in the Hefei Comprehensive Insurance Zone, officially realized the lighting of two products, one of which is a 1.03-inch high-brightness semiconductor display with a resolution of Real RGB2.5Kx2.5K. The largest size, highest resolution silicon-based OLED display can effectively solve the window window effect, tailing and vertigo in VR display applications. The other product is a microdisplay with a size of 0.72 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and a MIPI interface.

The vision silicon-based OLED microdisplay project was signed and settled in September 2017. At present, the world's largest silicon-based OLED production plant has been built. After production, the monthly production capacity can reach 27,000 12-inch wafers.

The 1.03" silicon-based OLED product developed by Vision is especially suitable for the near-eye display device's demand for a large field of view (FOV). With an optical lens, it can achieve a FOV of 100° or more. This product can effectively solve VR shows the screen window effect, tailing and vertigo in the application.

The 5G network is coming soon, and AR/VR will be the next terminal device that will have an important impact on people's lives and work after the smartphone. After years of development, VR has experienced twists and turns, mainly because the key technologies of VR at that time were immature, and display screen is one of the obstacles to the development of VR. At present, VR technologies are maturing, and VR is expected to achieve explosive growth in the next few years.

Silicon-based OLED displays will be the primary display solution for next-generation VRs.

Silicon-based OLED is a display technology that combines semiconductor and OLED. It has high brightness, high contrast, high PPI, high integration, low response time and low power consumption. It is especially suitable for near-eye devices such as AR/VR. The two displays developed by the vision have become a milestone in the horizon and have made significant contributions to the development of the AR/VR industry.