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Volkswagen Group acquires minority stake in SeeReal, a manufacturer of holographic 3D display technology

Volkswagen Group acquires minority stake in SeeReal, a manufacturer of holographic 3D display technology

Volkswagen Group announced that they have acquired a minority stake in SeeReal Technologies, a developer of holographic 3D display technology. The company said: "This acquisition will ensure that the Group can acquire future augmented reality technologies for automotive display technology. The related research projects will provide the Volkswagen Group with key technologies to improve the safety and convenience of the future driving experience."

The Volkswagen Group further pointed out that with holographic 3D display technology, road-related potential hazards will be projected into the driver's environment in the form of three-dimensional holograms, "touchable" displays can be suspended, and peer dialogues and telephone conversations Displayed as a hologram, and passengers can play the three-dimensional form of Tetris, and the vision of this series will soon become a reality in the car.

Markets have seen head-up displays that can project information in confined spaces. For the all-electric vehicle Volkswagen ID.31, which will be available for sale from 2020, digital information can be projected directly into the driver's field of view and directly linked to the driver's environment via an augmented reality heads-up display.

In the future head-up display, 3D information can even be seamlessly integrated with the environment, enabling an innovative display concept in the driver's distant view. In the future, traditional dashboards may become history, and drivers can control vehicles with virtual switches and virtual displays. All members of the car can interact with digital content through a "touchable" 3D display with natural vision.

SeeReal Technologies is actively researching related topics and making progress in a promising way. Dr. Axel Heinrich, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation, said: "Augmented reality will be a key component of future mobile and interaction concepts, and that's why we focus on key technologies such as holography. Holography will present this in a compelling way. A new reality. We will provide automotive-related projects for this exciting project, while SeeReal brings technical support for 3D holography."

It is reported that the research cooperation between Volkswagen Group Innovation and SeeReal began as early as the end of 2018, covering Dresden and Luxembourg.

BoKrll, CEO of SeeReal Technologies, said: "There are huge market potential for SeeReal's holographic display technology for automotive applications and interactive solutions for drivers and passengers. The current collaboration will bring Volkswagen's technology and market leadership to SeeReal's unique holographic display technology is combined, and Volkswagen's investment in SeeReal will be further enhanced."