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Ynvisible and NXN cooperate to develop new electrochromic inks

Ynvisible and NXN cooperate to develop new electrochromic inks
Ynvisible and NXN cooperate to develop new electrochromic inks
Ynvisible Interactive is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperation agreement with NxtGen Nano DBA NXN Licensing (NXN) to expand the range of colors available for its electrochromic inks. Based on this agreement, NXN hopes to use Ynvisible's electrochromic system and its comprehensive design and manufacturing services to promote NXN's electrochromic polymer (ECP) technology to the world. In turn, Ynvisible hopes to use NXN's ECP technology to expand its portfolio of electrochromic inks for printing interactive graphics.
According to the foreign media Printed electronics world report, NXN and Ynvisible further announced that the prototype product based on the above agreement will be sold to a Fortune 500 medical and diagnostic equipment company. The name of the Fortune 500 medical company and the plan to use the multicolor electrochromic device products are subject to confidentiality agreements.

Ynvisible has demonstrated to the market its ability to incorporate NXN's ECP technology into Ynvisible electrochromic devices. The two companies have extensive experience in cooperating and commercializing new color electrochromic device prototype products, and are therefore favored by Fortune 500 high-quality consumer brand product companies.
"Ynvisible provides our customers with a high level of expertise and tracking production capabilities, which can accelerate the ability of innovative products to enter new markets. At the same time, these processes also realize the knowledge transfer of our new product technology, which is then established through teamwork And solidify the company ’s revenue channel, "said John Coyen, CEO of NxtGen Nano DBA NXN Licensing Corporation.
"The customer ’s order further proves that many companies with a global market have great demand for interactive printed graphics in their smart products. As we all know, color and color changes are the key elements of visual communication. The new electrochromic display Can improve the value and performance of ultra-low power electrochromic displays, "commented Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, CEO of Ynvisible Interactive Inc.," combining NXN ’s electrochromic polymer pigments into the inks we are developing, and It is exciting to introduce this feature to our printed electrochromic technology platform. The expansion of the range of designable colors brought about by this collaboration can help us further leverage our existing business to cooperate with other global Fortune 500 companies And inspire more product design innovation. "

About NxtGen Nano Inc DBA NXN Licensing Company
NXN, headquartered in Florida, USA, is the world's only licensor of its unique electrochromic polymer toning technology. The company has greatly expanded its intellectual property product portfolio of ECP technology through investment in new chemistry. In addition, the company also cooperates with other customers to develop some special products and technologies to meet the customer's customized needs. At the same time, the company can provide exclusive licenses.
About Ynvisible Interactive
Ynvisible is a leading company involved in the field of new printing and flexible electronics. Considering the cost and power consumption advantages compared with traditional electronic products, printed electronic products will become a key driving force for the mass adoption of the Internet of Things ("IoT") and smart products. Ynvisible has extensive experience, expertise and intellectual property in the field of electrochromic materials, inks and systems. Ynvisible's interactive printed graphics solutions address the needs of everyday IoT devices, smart products, and smart environments (smart surfaces) for ultra-low power consumption, large-scale implementation, and easy-to-use electronic displays and indicators. Ynvisible's full suite of services and partner ecosystem can help designers and branders integrate Ynvisible's electrochromic inks and devices into their smart objects and IoT products, and further expand into industrial production